1) N-COUNT: usu with supp, oft N of n A feeling is an emotion, such as anger or happiness.

It gave me a feeling of satisfaction...

Strong feelings of pride welled up in me...

I think our main feeling would be of an immense gratitude...

He was unable to contain his own destructive feelings.

2) N-PLURAL: with supp, oft with poss, oft N about n/-ing Your feelings about something are the things that you think and feel about it, or your attitude towards it.

She has strong feelings about the alleged growth in violence against female officers...

I have also begun to reassess my own feelings about being a woman...

I think that sums up the feelings of most discerning and intelligent Indians...

He made no real secret of his feelings to his friends.

3) N-PLURAL: usu poss N When you refer to someone's feelings, you are talking about the things that might embarrass, offend, or upset them. For example, if you hurt someone's feelings, you upset them by something that you say or do.

He was afraid of hurting my feelings...

He has no respect, no regard for anyone's feelings...

What about my feelings?

4) N-UNCOUNT Feeling is a way of thinking and reacting to things which is emotional and not planned rather than logical and practical.

He was prompted to a rare outburst of feeling.

...a voice that trembles with feeling.

5) N-UNCOUNT: oft N for n Feeling for someone is love, affection, sympathy, or concern for them.

Thomas never lost his feeling for Harriet...

It's incredible that Peter can behave with such stupid lack of feeling.

6) N-COUNT: usu with supp, oft N of n If you have a feeling of hunger, tiredness, or other physical sensation, you experience it.

I also had a strange feeling in my neck...

Focus on the feeling of relaxation...

He experienced feelings of claustrophobia from being in a small place.

7) N-UNCOUNT Feeling in part of your body is the ability to experience the sense of touch in this part of the body.

After the accident he had no feeling in his legs.

8) N-COUNT: usu with supp, oft N about n, N that If you have a feeling that something is the case or that something is going to happen, you think that is probably the case or that it is probably going to happen.

You have a feeling about people, and I just felt she was going to be good...

I have a feeling that everything will come right for us one day.

9) N-UNCOUNT: with supp, oft N that Feeling is used to refer to a general opinion that a group of people has about something.

There is still some feeling in the art world that the market for such works may be declining...

It seemed that anti-Fascist feeling was not being encouraged.

10) N-SING: N of -ing If you have a feeling of being in a particular situation, you feel that you are in that situation.

I had the terrible feeling of being left behind to bring up the baby while he had fun.

11) N-SING: a N for n If you have a feeling for something, you have an understanding of it or a natural ability to do it.

Try to get a feeling for the people who live here...

You seem to have a feeling for drawing.

12) N-SING: with supp If something such as a place or book creates a particular kind of feeling, it creates a particular kind of atmosphere.

That's what we tried to portray in the book, this feeling of opulence and grandeur.

13) See also feel
14) PHRASE: oft PHR between n Bad feeling or ill feeling is bitterness or anger which exists between people, for example after they have had an argument.

There's been some bad feeling between the two families.

15) PHRASE Hard feelings are feelings of anger or bitterness towards someone who you have had an argument with or who has upset you. If you say `no hard feelings', you are making an agreement with someone not to be angry or bitter about something.

I don't want any hard feelings between our companies...

He held out his large hand. `No hard feelings, right?'

16) CONVENTION (feelings) You say `I know the feeling' to show that you understand or feel sorry about a problem or difficult experience that someone is telling you about. [SPOKEN]
17) PHRASE: V inflects, usu PHR about n If you have mixed feelings about something or someone, you feel uncertain about them because you can see both good and bad points about them.

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